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date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 10:42:55 +0100
from: Mike Salmon <m.salmonatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: more on 'panic'
to: Tom Wigley <wigleyatXYZxyzr.edu>

Hi Tom, sorry to take so long to reply to this.

>I have at last found a file MAG-F.FOR that says in its comments/history
>header "THIS IS THE VERSION FOR UNDP" (statement dated Dec. 21, 1999).
>The trouble is that the corresponding EXE file is 520,160 bytes, while
>the MAG.EXE file in MAGICC/SCENGEN is only 329,728 bytes.
>It could be that these two EXE files do come from the same .FOR file,
>but that they were compiled with different versions of the FORTRAN
>Is this possible??


I've attached the mag.f that I believe is the UNDP version. I've also
included the .mak file for it. I think I built the executable using
Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 4.0 (I can send you a 145mb zip of the CD if
you want ) with DOS command line

nmake mag.mak

I've just tried this and it gave me an executable 329,728 bytes long. It's
not binary-identical with the UNDP one, but that may be date/time or path

>On looking thru MAG-F.FOR, I can't see anything that is a specific bit
>of interface code -- so perhaps there is none. Can you tell me if what I
>think happens (below) is right?
>The MAG code is run a bunch of times. Each time it runs it produces a
>set of *.dis files, and four driver files (*.out). It opens and closes
>these each time it runs the code. (It also puts output into MAG.OUT, but
>keeps this open all the time adding new results for each case.)
>The dis and driver files are relabeled by the Tcl code, so that there
>are a whole set of these files at the end, which are subsequently used
>by SCENGEN. The key things are the driver files, which the Tcl code
>labels as SGa.b, where a=L,M,H,U and b=DP,DR,UP,UR.
>What this means is that, as long as I produce the driver and dis files
>in any MAG code revision, the Tcl code will handle things????
>Is this right?

Yes. All the file juggling is handled by the Tcl - the Fortran just does
single runs. One gotcha is upper/lowercase - try to stick to lowercase
filenames throughout.



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