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Dear AOPC Members and Invitees,

The AOPC Chair Adrian Simmons and the Secretariat would like to encourage
you to include, in your presentation to AOPC-XIV, a brief summary on the status of
any action in the GCOS Implementation Plan relevant to your topic. Please consult the
list of AOPC-related actions in the GCOS Implementation Plan in attached
document 38.

The GCOS Implementation Plan, completed in 2004, provides the strategic guideline for
the global observing system for climate. Five years on, assessing progress of the Actions
proposed in the Plan is timely and has been requested by the UNFCCC.
(The full Plan is available at: )

Also, please have a look at Adrian Simmons' report to the session (attached as doc 2 and 2a)
and respond to relevant action items from last year's AOPC session.

Let us remind you to keep your presentations as concise as possible (15 minutes, as a
general rule), to allow for sufficient discussion time during the session.

The AOPC-XIV website (
is still being regularly updated with documents as they are submitted.

Please provide relevant documents for your agenda items as soon as possible.

On Tuesday evening (22/4), we are planning a group dinner at Café du Soleil (the same location
as last year, since everyone appreciated it so much!). You will be able to choose your own menu,
and we'll add the whole cost together and divide by the number of participants (about 50-55 CHF
each). We'll finalize a list on Monday, but feel free to advise if you would like to join before then.

Best regards


Dr Stephan Bojinski
Global Climate Observing System (GCOS)
c/o World Meteorological Organization
7bis, Avenue de la Paix; 1211 Geneva 2
Phone: +41 22 730 8150

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