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date: Wed, 14 May 2003 14:43:20 +0100
from: "Lamb, Angela" <>
subject: Climate Change Debate at Liverpool John Moores University
to: "''" <>

Dear Professor Hulme

we are holding a 6th form debate entitled "Climate Change: past present and
future" here at Liverpool John Moores University on June 30th this year
(please see attached outline). We have held two such debates in the last 9
months, one on Biodiversity and one on the Gaia Hypothesis (see links below
for reports). The day consists of an opening address by an eminent scientist
before the students break up into small discussion groups led by
staff/research students. Each group formulates a question or two that is put
to a panel of experts in the form of a debate, chaired by the eminent
scientist. In the past students have got a lot out of this contact with
scientists and we think it is a valuable way to introduce 6th formers to key
environmental topics.

The experts on the panel represent a variety of aspects of the topic and we
would appreciate it very much if yourself, (or if you are unable to make it,
perhaps another representative from the Tyndall Centre)
could make a contribution to the proposed debate as an expert on future
climate change
predictions. Currently on the panel we have Adrian Lister from UCL
(discussing climate change in the past) and David Vaughan from the British
Antarctic Survey (discussing the role of the major ice sheets).

We could cover expenses and provide a lunch, but there is
no fee. If you want more information please contact me by one of the means
shown below. I very much hope you can make it.

Best Wishes
Angela Lamb

Dr Angela Lamb
(Lecturer in Physical Geography)
School of Biological and Earth Sciences
Liverpool John Moores University
Byrom Street
Liverpool L3 3AF
Tel 0151 231 2410
Fax 0151 207 3224

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