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date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 19:55:30 -0400 (EDT)
from: Willie Soon <>
subject: special request for very kind helps ... + Hello

April 19, 2001

Dear Dr. Briffa:
Although we have never communicated but I have
long been a reader and an admirer of your papers and research
on dendro-based climate reconstruction.
Your most recent paper in Feb 16, 20001 issue of JGR
("Low-frequency temperature variations from a northern
tree ring density network") is another fine fine tool
of learning for me.

I am now writing to seek your very kind helps.
I am wondering if you may kindly allow accesses to:
(1) the data series you have used in plotting both your
Figure 4 and Plate 3 (the mean curves plus the +-1 and +-2 standard
errors curves from your ABD analyses) please ?
(2) Of course, I would be happy if it may only be possible to
access those reconstructed temperatures from your own works
[ie, your new ABD series, Briffa (2000) series, plus Jones et al. (98)]

I would like to make nice viewgraphs out of these series.
I am interested in communicating your research findings to
audience whom may not have the chance to hear from you directly.
Of course, proper acknowledgement will be credited
for your most exciting and comprehensive works.
(Needless to say if it might be too much troubles,
I would simply be grateful for your kind sharing of the
large-size version of your Figure 4 and Plate 3
so that good viewgraphs can be made from them)

Any additional reprints/preprints of your work
on this related area would be very helpful for me.
For example, I would very much appreciate if you might allow my preview of
your other new paper submitted to Holocene
(entitled: "Tree ring width and density chronologies around the Northern
Hemisphere, 1, Local and regional climate signals").

Thank you so very much for your time
and I would be extremely grateful for helps in any of
the request above.



Willie Soon
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street, MS 16
Cambridge, MA 02138
email (Internet):
phone: (617) 495-7488
fax : (617) 495-7095

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