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date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 12:03:26 -0000
from: "Matt McGrath"
subject: Climate change programmes

Hi Dr. Briffa,
My name is Matt McGrath and I'm the environment reporter here at BBC World Service Radio.
Ahead of the first IPCC report in February, I've been asked to make a series of explainer
programmes about issues related to climate change.

One of the pieces is about the history of climate change, another is about forests and how
they impact and relate to climate. You were suggested as someone who could talk about these

I'm travelling to UEA this Friday to record a piece with Andrew Watson on oceans - I
wondered if it might be possible to record something with you too?

Many thanks, Matt McGrath.
Matt McGrath
Science and Environment Reporter
BBC World Service Radio,
Bush House, London.
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